Custom Paintings and Art
by Tamara Tavernier - Hawaii Artist

Hi, welcome in my world of ART!
Enjoy my art full of Rainbow-colors and JOY as much as I enjoyed creating it!
I want to bring this JOY to your homes and hearts!

Painting is something so Natural to me. It is like breathing.
My body, my Soul and spirit are poured in this 'thing' I feel I want to or need to do…I LOVE to do…
I want you to see the BEAUTY and JOY of being ALIVE through my art!

The energy of Art is very powerful… life is a celebration... I express it through my joyful use of WILD colors!

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custom paintings by maui hawaii artist

"Spreading love through my art, so you can know you are LOVE."
(Tamara Tavernier)

Here are my Most Recent Paintings

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I want to REMIND you that LIFE is a CELEBRATION every moment of your LIFE!
Let us open our hearts, be who we ARE and allow life to stream through us!
I intend that my art touches your heart, so you KNOW you are love and so you pass it on…to another "us" and in a short time WE ARE ONE CIRCLE of CONNECTED HEARTS!
Love Tamara, Rainbow

My mission is to spread love through my art, so people can feel they ARE love.