Rainbow's HeArt

tamara rainbow tavernierWhy "Rainbowsheart" you may ask yourself?

It just happened. It was a follow up of circumstances…

My friends started calling me Rainbow in Belgium. It was a mutual agreement between them and myself. It just happened.

And then HEART, is standing for my heart of course. My heart lays in my work. I paint with passion as you can see . I love it!

HE-ART you also can split. In "He-" you find the beginning of the word healing and ART is art of course.

So Rainbowsheart, says it all.
I make a bridge between my art and healing. It is what I love, it is my heart….

It is just words… words that are trying to describe an energy…an intent…

‘My intent is to spread love through my art, so people feel they ARE love.’

Love Rainbow