How to Buy an Original Commissioned Painting by Tamara Tavernier

To Buy an Original Commissioned Painting

Go to the Main Gallery Page then choose one of the gallery pages. When you find a painting in a gallery that you like then look down to the bottom left of the gallery slideshow. There are two buttons, click on the second one which looks like a tiny dialog box. When you do that you will see the prices for the original painting followed by the prices for different size prints. You can also call me if you have any questions at 808-754-5883.
or email me with questions or with your order.

To give you an idea what my paintings cost here is a chart of the usual prices.

4"x4" $90
5x7 $200
8x10 $300
9x12 $350
11x14 $450
16x20 $600
18x24 $800
30x40 $2000

The price listed does not include taxes or shipping.

A deposit of 50% of the painting is required before shipping.
You can pay with paypal - which accepts most credit or debit cards if you don't already have an account; or with check.

Send your check to:

Tamara Tavernier
2586 Hunakai street,
96753 Kihei