How to order a Commissioned Painting by Tamara Tavernier

Do you want something special?

The process of creating a commissioned painting is a very intimate process between the artist and the client. It is an evolving process. First you discuss ideas, then Tamara makes a study and after that she will create the painting.

This procedure is not needed for Soul Paintings though; there you give Tamara the freedom to create whatever comes. (see Soul paintings for more info)
Email me with questions or with your order.
You can also call at 808-754-5883.
You can ask for more than one study. And also you can decide not to proceed towards a full painting after one study.

Price of one study is $100

Prices of Commissioned Paintings are listed below:

4"x4" $90
5x7 $200
8x10 $300
9x12 $350
11x14 $450
16x20 $600
18x24 $800
30x40 $2000

A deposit of 50% is required to continue the painting after we agree on the study.

You can choose to go without a study as well.

The price listed does not include taxes or shipping.

Email me:
or call me 808-754-5883
to discuss your new painting!
Great! I love to work with you!!!

You can pay with paypal - which accepts most credit or debit cards if you don't already have an account; or with check.

Send your check to:

Tamara Tavernier
2586 Hunakai street,
96753 Kihei