Meet Tamara Tavernier - Hawaii Artist

Meet the Artist

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Tamara Tavernier (Rainbow to her friends) began painting when she was very little. Her dad is an artist and introduced her into the world of artists. She remembers going to exhibitions all around Belgium on the weekends. Her parents’ friends were almost all artists too and so she was, from her birth, poured into an artsy world.

She was impressed with the impressionists and loved the colors they were using.
She loves to use the vibrancy of color in her paintings. It is as if colors are food to her. "Without colors", she says, "I would die."

In her life she travelled a lot to other European countries and was very inspired with the wheat and poppy fields from her beloved Europe. It gives her a joy of abundance and a feeling of never-ending happiness. See how she pours the red into her poppy field paintings. It brings a smile on your face.

She travelled to different countries as Turkey and Peru and finally found her home in Hawaii and lives there now. She lives on her beloved Maui where she swims with dolphins and turtles. The Ocean is her passion. She loves the turquoise colors of the water. She loves the warmth and sun in Maui. But what she really adores are Maui's COLORS!

The abundance of Maui is so passionate shown in its Nature. The energy of Maui is like a bright shiny sun. It shows in Tamara's work. The colors are even more vibrant as before.

She paints a lot her friends the dolphins and the turtles.

Tamara calls her art visionary art. She paints often what she sees or hears from the right side of her brain.
"I feel my ART", she says.

Colors are the main structure of her art. She prefers to paint in watercolor or acrylics, but loves to experiment with all kind of medium.

Besides Art, she also wrote and illustrated 3 children's books and a book of poetry in her native language. Her first children's book is published in English. It is translated into Turkish and Japanese, but has not been published yet in those languages. Currently she is writing her life story and she writes this in English!

Artist's Statement I can't express enough my gratitude for my creative gift I am able to share with the world. It is so an honor to paint, to share this with you all. I hope you feel I have great joy in doing it. And I hope you feel how much there is to celebrate in this life!

My hope is that when you buy a painting that the joy 'sings' from your walls every time you look at it. I hope you smile when you look at it.

I believe that my paintings contribute to the light and love of this world and that its energy brings a vibration of LOVE! Each painting is a celebration for life and its beauty.

I paint with the intent to touch you with love, so you can feel you are love. It also brings me to my own awareness that I am love. If you feel that love, then we change the world every time again and again… in more love and more love… If I touched your heart, when you looked at my painting and you walk away with a smile and then somebody else sees and shares that smile... the art has already reached out to 3 and then 4…
Now God smiles…