Want to own an Original Painting by Tamara Tavernier?

I believe that paintings can change our world.

Ha! Really, you think.
I really do.

It is important which energy you bring in your house. A painting radiates powerful energy.

It is a direct energy form the Universe/God that is brought in this physical world.

I see it as a support for the wishes, hopes and desires you have in life.

A painting has more power then we think it has.

I experienced many times, with the feedback I get from people who bought my paintings, that it contributed to the JOY in their lives.

I choose to paint the beauty of life, so it contributes to the love of life.

I want to spread love through my art, so people feel they are love.

I hope you want to buy one of my joyful spirit-FULL paintings!
So it supports you in empowering the Joyful Spirit in you!

Please feel free to contact me any time! 808-754-5883
or email me tamara@rainbowsheart.com