Ordering Unique Gifts

unique art gifts paintingsDo you want to give your partner and your Self a unique gift? Call me for a Relationship Soul Painting!

It can be given to your lover and yourself at any moment, for your own wedding, your anniversary…

Anybody else can order this exceptional awesome gift for a marriage or engagement celebration.

I tune in to the energy that binds two people, and bring that forward in an unique painting and description of that painting. (Do you want more explanation? See Soulpaintings)

It doesn't have to be between two lovers, it can be mother/child, master/pet… Ask me… call me… It is so much fun!

Soulpaintings start at $395 and up. It depends which size you want. (Prices can always change)

Email me; rainbowsheart@yahoo.com to order
or call me 808-754-5883

I am happy to work with you! I am a gay friendly business.
So please don’t hold back! You can come out of the closet, whatever the closet, with me!